To celebrate Saint Peter’s Day, the traditional Fiesta del Ramo (bouquet festival) takes place in Tresviso at the end of June. Many of the village’s residents, dressed up in the typical costumes of the town, take part in a procession. There is also dancing, choir singing and traditional games to add colour to one of the most traditional festivals in Cantabria.

During mass, the ring-shaped pastries that adorn the “Ramo” are blessed before being auctioned off one by one to the people in the main square. Some of these pastries have been known to reach prices of over 90 euros.

Next the so-called “Pina de la Obera” takes place. This involves putting up a tree trunk which the young men of the village then attempt to climb.

Shown below is a selection of photographs taken from the book entitled “The Last Shepherds of the Picos de Europa”, by Ernesto Bustio Crespo and José Luis Casado Soto: